Recapping the best stories Euro 2020 has to offer.

Google’s unique doodle celebrating the UEFA EURO 2020. (Illustration/Google)

Despite being postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most celebrated football is finally here. All eyes are now on Europe as the continent is now in the middle of the star-studded, full of sparkles UEFA Euro 2020.

During this tournament, The Amateurs will recap the best stories of the competition, from the first kickoff until the final whistle blows on July 11, 2021.

Group Stage

Denmark’s heroic rise after the fall of Eriksen


A proud collaboration project between The Amateurs and ATTL Basket, txtanakbasket, and Tripit Basketball.


In an unusual season of basketball due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA MVP race is also filled with unusual candidates amongst the many listed. Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, and Giannis Antetokounmpo are non-American players, who are at the forefront of a race of being the best player in an American basketball league. All three players exemplify the value of being the most valuable on their respective team, but are they worthy of being the NBA’s most valuable player?

All stats are correct per May 16, 2021.

Joel Embiid

Who’s playing the best Premier League football right now? How about COVID-19 impact on the league? Our writers have their say…


Already halfway through, the Premier League offers a footballing entertainment we’ve been longing to accompany our days of self-quarantine and social distancing. We asked our editorial team to give their opinion on what’s going on in the league and predict what could happen in the second half of the season. Write your comments down below or hit us up on Twitter @TheAmateursID.

Who’s your candidate for the Premier League’s best player?

Ammarsha Rewindra: It’s either going to be Harry Kane or Son Heung-Min. Both have recorded a combined 22 goals and 16 assists, and they are not stopping any time soon. But when it comes down to one name…

Celebrating 36 years of basketball greatness in a form of a kid from Akron.

Artwork by Pradipta Alessandro.

More than three decades ago, LeBron James was born from the womb of a 16-year-old mom with no father figure in his life. No one knew what the future holds for him. Yet, since joining the NBA in 2003, James believes his talent will not just make an impact on the court but also off it. He felt he could carry it throughout the boundaries. 2020 itself is a tumultuous year for the United States. Besides dealing with COVID-19, American citizens like James must face at least two big agendas, the protests for equality and the presidential election.

That cacophony…

Indonesia’s finest #NBATwitter fans join forces to talk about what they love the most, basketball.

Artwork by Pradipta Alessandro

With only a few days away from the start of NBA basketball, we sat down with ATTL Basket and txtanakbasket (virtually, in a physically distanced manner) to predict what will happen in the delayed 2020–21 season. There will be intriguing questions with thought-provoking answers, Nashville hot c̶h̶i̶c̶k̶e̶n̶ takes, and of course, clear and concise analysis à la The Amateurs. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit us on Twitter @TheAmateursID.

Who will start the season hot and cold? It can be a team or a player.

The Amateurs: Luka Dončić would want to start the season where he left off. The Slovenian international averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds…

We select five different football clubs across Europe that are tailored for FM veterans and newcomers who want more challenges.

Football Manager is back! Sports Interactive issued the latest version of the Football Manager game, Football Manager 21 on November 10th, 2020. It is time for managers all around the world to suit your suites, say goodbye to your real life because you will get into the FM21 world.

It is time as well for us, The Amateurs to offer five different teams, to pick with unique challenges, more than what you would usually take. It may not be a very long-term project like helping Maidenhead United from EFL Vanarama League to eclipse Manchester United and show who the real…

Gorgeous, Ginormous, Gabriel.


At the age of 22, Gabriel Magalhães has become one of the most promising prospects in Europe and Arsenal successfully signed him for 30 Million Euros, beating the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Napoli, and Everton. This is huge for them, considering the potential Gabriel has shown last year in Lille. But how has he been doing so far? In this article, we will summarize two aspects of his game that looks promising under the last two games wearing The Gunners’ jersey.

Build Up Ability

Looking at how Gabriel plays in the Premier League against West Ham United and Fulham in the first two…

Tereliminasinya Boston Celtics di postseason musim ini membuat Danny Ainge harus berpikir keras untuk mencari potongan puzzle yang dibutuhkan oleh tim.

(Foto: Boston Celtics)

Boston Celtics yang diunggulkan untuk melesat ke NBA Playoffs Finals setelah menumbangkan sang juara bertahan Toronto Raptors, harus takluk oleh tim muda Miami Heat besutan Erik Spolestra 4–2 dalam seri best of seven pada NBA Eastern Conference Finals musim ini.

Di satu sisi, ketika musim 2019/20 baru bergulir dengan hampir setengah dari roster asuhan Brad Stevens adalah rookie, tidak ada yang menyangka tim ini akan melaju jauh dan bermain sekompetitif yang ditunjukan selama tiga seri playoffs yang mereka jalani. Mulai dari sapu bersih melawan Philadelphia 76ers, kemenangan susah payah atas Toronto Raptors, sampai kekalahan pahit melawan Heat. Tapi di sisi…

Menilik kebangkitan peran yang dianggap sudah lama terkubur dalam-dalam.

Foto: Mundo Albiceleste

Belakangan pemberitaan di media massa diramaikan oleh isu Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan akan mengeluarkan mata pelajaran sejarah dari kurikulum SMA di Indonesia. Walaupun beberapa waktu kemudian hal tersebut dibantah sendiri oleh Menteri Nadiem Makarim bahwa hal tersebut masih merupakan pembahasan di Focus Group Discussion kurikulum sekolah.

Kenyataan terdapat pandangan bahwa mempelajari sejarah hanya mempelajari masa lalu yang tidak begitu berguna di masa depan sesungguhnya suatu sesat pikir yang makin menunjukkan bahwa pelajaran sejarah itu penting. Sikap tersebut seakan mengangkangi fakta bahwa walaupun sejarah terjadi di masa lalu, konteks peristiwa yang terjadi tersebut dapat terus berulang. …

Joy to the world, European Football has come.

(Photo: UEFA)

It’s only been 40 days since the final of this year’s UEFA Champions League where FC Bayern München toppled off Paris Saint-Germain by a single Kingsley Coman’s goal to receive their sixth European titles and we’re now already in the group stage of this year’s competition.

Although the atmosphere will be different as the COVID-19 pandemic not showing signs of slowing down, we are still up for some good football with teams reinforcing themselves with marquee transfers, going back to the whiteboard for tactical adjustments, and new competitors wanting to disrupt the establishment.

Without further ado, this is The Amateurs’…

The Amateurs.

A sports blog from an amateur’s perspective.

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